​Pronounced mah-jee-deh, a Japanese slang term meaning "seriously?"

Enjoy! Happy Music of Majide!

​​​​​​​      M a j i d e ! 


​​Musicians who are dedicated to keeping classic American Jazz Music!

M a j i d e ! features the colorful international singing of

        Machiko Shimada and the unique piano stylings of Paul Kemp.
       Formed in 2008, the duo plays songs with wonderful lyrics,       melodies and rhythms from Jazz, Swing, Boogie, and Latin music.

Machikoreceived private training in classical vocals and piano from age 3 to 18 in Tokyo, Japan. As a teenager she was inspired by different styles of music and ultimately chose to study Jazz Vocals and took lessons from Martha Miyake, Japan's most respected Jazz vocalist. Machiko moved to California to pursue her interest in music in the 1970s. While she lived in the Bay Area she studied singing Raga from the Bansri Flute Master G.S.Sachdev. Machiko sings in several languages and loves to interpret American standard songs to sing in Japanese. 

began organ lessons at age 10 in Dubuque,Iowa. He became a church organist, and an orchestra & jazz band accompanist at Wahlert High School. He studied classical organ and piano and completed all of the music curriculum at the University of Dubuque. He was a founding member of Mendocino College Jazz Band. He has shared his talents in many musical settings including musicals, theaters, churches, night clubs, dance halls and street corners.
Paul's companion career as a sound engineer led to the position of Part-time Instructor at the Mendocino College Recording Studio and shared his passion with community members, especially the younger generation. Since retiring from the college he continues with sound engineering and consultation. He studied Pro Tools Digital Audio Recording at the University of Southern California. 

 M a j i d e ! is  a joyful  live musical choice for various occasions and settings: house concerts, wine tasting rooms, street fairs, restaurants & cafes, art galleries, fundraisers weddings & private parties.  

 M a j i d e !duo often plays as a trio with bass and we are happy to expand our band to include flute, saxophone, and drums.